Our staffing philosophy is guided by the needs of the individuals who call our community home. 


Our staff consists of licensed nurses and nurse assistants, executive chefs, activity coordinators, administrators and a variety of health specialists.

Activity Coordinator

Eve offers a variety of exciting and enjoyable wellness activities to support the interests, abilities and schedules of our residents.

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Executive Chef

At Eve, we have redefined assisted living dining by offering healthy cuisines in gourmet style.

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Wellness Team

As we grow, the stages we pass through in life can become difficult to navigate. It is not for a lack of understanding, yet it is the simple fact that every day brings new challenges.

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Perfecting ratios and portions of calories, carbohydrates, protiens and healthy fats demands coordination.

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Staff Management

Equally as important as those providing care, are the administrators who oversee the caregivers at Eve.

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