Wellness Team

As we grow, the stages we pass through in life can become difficult to navigate. It is not for a lack of understanding, yet it is the simple fact that every day brings new challenges.

Our Health Specialists offer the information and guidance needed to understand these unchartered waters. 

It is not possible nor is it rational to expect that all questions pertaining to your health should be answered by a single professional. Therefore, Eve coordinates with specialists in the area, as well as, your own physicians.  So, when you have a question about your health, Eve collaborates with all available sources to arrive at the best possible solution. Take a minute, learn about our specialists and what to expect at Eve.


At Eve, we see the medical profession as offering a combination of skills as teachers, compassionate care providers and confidants.  It is this outlook that drives our philosophy on care.

Your relationship with your physicians is based on trust and respect. Eve encourages you to maintain your relationships with your current physicians, and we will also provide physician referrals that can help to serve as a guide on your path to health. 

Dr. Jerome Donnelly, D.O. 

dr. donnellyDr. Donnelly has been working in the medical field for nearly twenty-five years.  Dr. Donnelly is a physician with The Hospitalist Company (IPC) where he works closely with both physicians and patients in several skilled nursing facilities, extended care facilities, assisted living and independent living facilities.  He is board certified in Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Care as well as serving as the medical director at Westbury Care Centre in Lisle and the Harbor Light Hospice. 

Dr. Marwan Zayed, DPM

dr zayedDr. Marwan Zayed, DPM, has over 12 years of experience as a podiatrist and is qualified to administer care to people of all ages with disorders of the foot and ankle.





 Dr. Stephen J. Slomski, D.D.S. 

dr.slomski D.D.SDr. Slomski graduated from the University of Illinois Dental College with honors and has over 25 years of experience.  Dr. Slomski currently practices with the Westbrook Dental Center and is a member of the American Dental, Illinois States Dental and Chicago Dental Society.  Dr. Slomski is also a member of the Dental Arts Club of Chicago and the Academy of General Dentistry.